My writing community has held me up

Happy Friday, reader.

It’s been a wonderful month on the writing front. I have managed to write 58 straight days of sitting down to write and all of January┬áI have devoted my efforts to one project, which it probably a personal record. I have tried to do this many times before. This whole ‘make and keep a habit’ thing. The difference between those times and now have been Support.

In my previous attempts, I have always had a couple of excellent writing friends that have tried to keep my honest, tried to keep me on task, but ultimately, it wasn’t enough for me. I’d wind up not doing something I intended and then feel guilty about it.

This time, I began posting to Twitter about what ‘Day’ of writing I was on and it got a response from the #amwriting community. The key for me was that it was never just One person acting as my accountability, but new people every day on Twitter.

This has been exactly what’s kept me on task.

But I’m stepping it up for the month of February.

Monday, one of my twitter friends, Ally Bishop is going to be hosting a Blab about her new Cerulean project. She’s been working really hard to help writers like me, and probably writers like you as well. Ally is a freelance Editor who puts out daily Periscope chats and weekly podcasts on the art of writing and storytelling. I featured her in December in my ‘Favorite Podcasts of the Month’ blog. Well, this weekend I reached out to her and I’m going to be helping her with an exciting new resource to help other Neo-pros like myself keep that good ‘village’ of support around us while we get to the point of ‘Published’ and beyond.

There will be more details available on a Blab she is hosting Monday and it you want to know about how to join the Cerulean project too, go listen to THIS podcast. Information on the new community is at the end of the that recording.

In the meantime, look for some exciting changes coming both to this space and to my Twitter feed over the next few weeks. I’m not giving up this round and I’m so grateful to all those who have helped me get this far.