And Life Happens


Oh Boy.

Look at that super long gap in my posts. I went and did it again.

No time for blame and no time for hair pulling. This blogging thing is always going to be the first thing to go whenever it comes to planning out my time and making an effort.


-Wisteria Wolf, my WIP since the beginning of the year has been on hold due to some life changes that majorly interfered with my ability to work on the story.

I did some fanfiction work for a while then had some job changes that threw me off my schedules until this month.

BUT! That’s okay. Like a yo-yo on a rubber string, I’m back. Still here, still talking about writing and goals and the things I want to do in life.

Next year I start my 52 short story challenge and I’ve gotten as far as outlining all the attempts I’m going to make.

I’ve decided that while my goal will be to finish a short story a week, I’m still going to try and change the project week by week according the outline that I have in my notebook.

Lemme here from whoever is still listening. How do you get back on your horse? Do you ever have times where you fall on your butt? Tweet me at @writerholec or comment down below. I need the moral support.

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