Writing Process

Happy Saturday.

Today I want to talk about writing processes and how I manage mine.

Process is different than daily Habit. Getting up every morning, sitting down and doing your writing, that’s Habit. That’s the act of working on your craft and it’s PART of the process, but that’s not the entire thing.

When we go to writing classes they talk about the following:






Ok, cool. That’s great. Except most of us don’t really follow that.

Here is my Writing Process:

Brainstorm. (for three months about the same idea)

Write. And Write. And then print it out, clean it up, realize it’s not done/I had to cut an entire 10k of words because that plot line isn’t going to work….Write. Write. Write. Write. Finish…

Then there is the cool down period and you’re supposed to go over your edit process, polishing and finishing.

Well, confession time guys.

I’ve never gotten past the Write phase for anything that wasn’t a short story or a very small novella.


So that’s where I’m at today in my writing process. I’m going to go print out a current work in progress today because while I’m not done, I also am sort of lost where I’m at so I’m spending today to look at it from a new perspective. My stories are like, winding paths and sometimes I get lost.

This of course, can be remedied if you are good at outlining, which I am not. A friend of mine recommended an outlining tool a few weeks ago and I’m going to finally buckle down and try and use it this weekend and see if I get any farther with my this process. Because no lie, the manuscript is a mess.

That’s ok though. Messes can give birth to beautiful things and I still really believe in this story. So it’ll be born whether it likes to be born or not.

What sort of problems do you run into with process? Hit me up here or on Twitter and let me know.


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