I created this blog so that I could reach out to people like me. People who were trying to start, work and finish works of fiction. While I’ve been writing for years, a lot of my progress has felt like I’ve been running in place. I’ve made progress from where I was a year or two years ago, but they’re treadmill miles and I’m still in a room by myself.

The last couple of weeks has seen an opening in those gym walls. I have been talking with people on Twitter, reaching out to people in the greater writing community and happily, getting some feedback. That’s a great feeling.

Recently there has been a new movement growing in the writing community that I’ve noticed. I’m not sure what to call it, maybe “Tired of the Norm”? or perhaps “Fed Up with Status Quo”? No matter what you want to label it, it’s there. This unrest and frustration with the process of going from new and untried writer to polished and professional Author.

It was in the letter from the Writer’s Guild to the Publishing industry a few weeks back. It’s the amount of unpolished and mistake-riddled self-pubs that litter the eBook market; solid stories that are literally held back by rookie mistakes that a traditional publishing house would have cleaned up…but also taken over 50% of the profit in creating. This frustration is in the undertone of so many conversations I had on Twitter, it’s on episodes of Podcasts that I listen to and it’s in message boards that I frequent.

We work alone, punching out words when we get the time, striving step by step to one day join the league of published authors who have their books lining the shelves of our hearts and minds. Well, I don’t think we always have to be alone.

Ally Bishop, host of one of my favorite podcast series on the web, “Upgrade Your Story” has been working over the last few weeks to create a new project that is aimed at helping newish AND mid-level authors. She’ll be talking about craft and how we can improve ourselves as we go towards our eventual goal of having a quality book to put out into the world.

If you want to know more about the Cerulean project, please go Here: http://www.upgradeyourstory.com/uys-podcast/1357/ and check out the last 10 minutes or so of her ‘cast. She tells you how to join up and what she’s intending by launching the Cerulean Project.

Hope that I’ll see you there!

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