5 Tips for getting the F*ck out of bed

Happy Saturday dear Readers.

It’s day 38 of my ‘Wake Up Every Day and Write’ Streak and I’ve learned a few thing that I feel others who are also trying to create a habit will appreciate in walking this writing path.

  1. Keep your alarm clock across the room

I have a habit of slipping my finger over the snooze button about six or seven times when I am trying to wake up. Bonus pro-tip- make the song or alarm something truly obnoxious. If you have a partner that you’re sharing your room with, make sure that they despise or hate the sound in question so that they forcibly boot-kick you out of bed.

2. Programmable Caffeination Delivery systems.

Most people are coffee people, and luckily for you people, there are lovely and cheap coffee pots that come with a clock and a programmable function that lets your machine make that sweet elixir of life hot and fresh when you wake up. Set that mo-fo up before you go to sleep and you’ll scramble to your alarm turning off the wails of whatever heinous sound  you’ve set to torture yourself with KNOWING there is a warm and sweet drought of modern magical miracles waiting for you.

3. Keep your routine simple.

You’re getting up to write, not be on the cover of People. Step away from the mirror. No one needs to be afraid before they get to the words. Don’t worry about getting ready for the whole day. Just get your butt out of bed and into the chair. The chair has no eyes. It doesn’t care how weird you look after getting up. I try to keep my up-to-chair time within the 5 minute mark but I’m not always successful, especially if I check Twitter or Facebook first. Which leads me to tip number four.

4. Don’t check social media before you write

I break this rule all the time. Y’all can call me out, but it’s no use.

On the days that I can resist talking to people, it’s a really good day. I usually send out a ‘Hey guys I did it again!’ type tweet and then move along with the day. Don’t scroll through! If you’re using it to keep accountable, state your bit and move along.

5. Remember that every day you get the first word you already won

Writing is pretty easy when it comes down to sitting in a corner and telling myself stories. Its getting up and doing it every day that’s hard. It’s the days where you get done with a manuscript and feel that you just made no difference on that particular plot hole or your characters sounds like cardboard cut outs or you went back to find your place and found you accidentally wrote the same scene twice. It’s easy to say, “Screw this” and go back to sleep. It’s hard to push through and do the thing anyway. But if you’ve got a streak it makes it easier. If you even manage to do it twice in a row, that’s a streak! So keep on.

I tell myself this stuff as much as I’m telling the rest of y’all. But you know what? We got this. We can do this and it’s going to be ok.

Hit me up on Twitter, @dracoangelica if you’re looking for accountability buddies. DM me there or post a comment. I’m always interested in commiserating with fellow habit makers. Happy day 38!

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