Habits and Streaks

For the last six months I’ve been doing some other things in my life. I bought a house. I moved a roommate in. I have had some changes at my day job that have caused some adjustments and over all, just slipped away from my writing goals.

Like I said in May, things like this happen.

As I’ve said in other posts, that’s to be expected when you follow me. I am unfortunately, a months on/months off type of writer.

Of course, the goal is, as always, to get better and to have the months off be shorter, the months on be longer and the projects that result from the work to be well crafted and enjoyable.

Right now I am on a streak. An 8 day streak counting this post, in which I have put down effort and work towards a writing goal. I got asked by a Twitter follower yesterday if I came into my morning writing sessions with a word count goal in mind but the stage I’m at in the writing game, ANY words on ANY project that pushes that puppy one more step to completion is a success.

I miss my old writing classes. We’d have to turn in a short story a week and that sort of ‘graded’ deadline was always really motivating. But when you’re a ‘young’ (as in not experienced with no name recognition, not age) writer like I am, we don’t have the luxury of some boss agent or publisher laying down the deadline. And I’m still in the ‘prove yourself worth the time’ stage of writing.

That’s ok though. Right now, I get to write what project I want when I want to. I get to decide if the morning is going to be gay romance novella or my gumshoe urban fantasy.

It’s like being invited to several parties all at once.

I’ve made update schedules in the past but broken them after a few weeks, so new plan.

I’m going to post when I can. If when I can happens to be regularly, then y’all leave me a cheerful comment. If not, then at least you’ll know I took that time to peck away on one of the projects I’m stalking until completion.

Until then, I’ll keep walking this road that always seems to lead, eventually, back to my chair.

2 thoughts on “Habits and Streaks

    • Dustin, you the man. Thank you so much for following and encouraging me. ;3
      I saw this while I was on my lunch break the day I posted and I felt extremely warm and fuzzy that you were still with me.


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