Goals for Writing and Life

If you really want it, you’ll make it happen. If you don’t, you’ll make excuses.

I was reading that quote while browsing Pintrest and reeled back from the truth bomb.

It made me start to think about what my goals are and what really is important to me. So I made a list.

A: Living a positive and healthy life

I qualify this as trying to be more conscious about how I interact with people and what I consume. I feel like we’re all responsible for what we do, how we treat others and how we are impacting what’s around us. In the broad sense, that could mean recycling or participating in some social project. But it applies to small things too: Making sure your animals are in clean and safe places. Being the best partner you can be or the best family member. Making your friends feel comfortable and safe. Sometimes being positive and healthy doesn’t just mean trying to smile a lot and doing your work-outs, but also your emotional impact on those you’re around. People don’t always remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel.

I think it also ties back to writing. When I write, when I tell a story, I want to convey the high and lows that I am getting from these imaginary people that live inside my head. If my main character is franticly trying to save the vestiges of her mother, I want the audience to feel that. If he’s working as hard as possible with a lot of risk to keep an innocent person from being punished unjustly, I want a reader to be able to identify with that. I might not always be able to find the right words to convey the image, but if I can convey the emotion, then I feel like I’m doing pretty well.

B: Living with no regrets.

Regret is defined as disappointment of a lost opportunity or sadness for a choice that was made. On one hand, I feel some regrets are inevitable. It’s a matter of opportunity cost. You don’t always get to see the complete map of choices you have. Sometimes the other path is shrouded. You can’t let that stop you though. Sometimes things are scary and you have to move forward anyway. With that said, it’s ok NOT to take an opportunity if you don’t think you can handle the consequences that come with that opportunity. We have to recognize that the choices we make in life are like walking down a path. Sometimes our paths can lead us to dark or lonely places. Othertimes the path brings us to a huge field where no clear destination is present. Remember that no matter what road you’ve chosen to walk down, there are always branches that present themselves so that you can change. Maybe that leads you in a circle. Maybe that leads you deeper than you wanted to go. But you always have a choice.

I used to feel really terrible about all the days that I didn’t get my butt in my chair to write my daily workshop of words. But I won’t let myself be upset anymore. If I was doing something OTHER than writing, then THAT was the thing I wanted, not the writing. Sometimes that thing is watching an extra few episodes of a show. Or watching a movie. Or going to the gym or eating or visiting friends. Doesn’t matter. I won’t punish myself for the path I didn’t walk that day. Because there are always branches off those paths that lead back to this chair, this screen, these keys and the mind of my reader.

If we want it, we’ll make it happen. Sometimes you want something other than the words more. You have to acknowledge that and decide if that’s the direction you’re still going to go. I’m ok with that. I need those moments away from this desk and out of these walls to EXPERIENCE my life and to enjoy things. I need the sun and the cold and the rain and the laughter of people around me. I need the tears and the touch. I need the other plots, need to keep my eye on what’s going on around me.

Positive, Healthy and No Regrets.

What are your goals?