Getting on the Wagon

I find it so ironic that my last post on this writing blog is about how I’m bad at sticking to an everyday type schedule.

Thank you everyone who has followed me anyway despite my crap update schedule. I appreciate it and will continue to work towards excellence.

Current Projects:
-Erotica novel that I started at the end of January that I am about to hit 10k on
-My Nano novel that is in pieces
-Edits on my next writer of the future short story submission. The story is written, I just need to sit and edit the darn thing
-My urban fantasy novel
-My high fantasy novel that is currently only a short story
-My other high fantasy novel that is currently a few chapters in with no clear plot presenting.

Various and sundry other projects that I don’t know will actually make it to fruition, but that shouldn’t stop anyone.

Thanks for sticking with me guys. The new update schedule is as follows:
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday until further notice. I’ve got some other activities that I’m doing outside of work AND we’ve opened an entirely new clinic where I work. But I’m back to carving out the first hour in my morning to writing so hopefully that will lead to a better butt-in-chair experience. The goal is to write the blog posts out early and schedule them. Until Tuesday, keep on trying, no matter how many times you fall down.

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