NaNoWriMo Update Part 2

Tonight is the night! Wrimo’s in my area are going to collect our laptops, bring along some notebooks and start chipping away at the novel of the month. It’s my fourth year participating in this international challenge and I’m stoked! I can’t say I have much of a plot or story lined out, and I don’t know if I’ll manage to finish it (I want to but you know, you fail at achieving a thing for several years in a row and your confidence starts to waver) but this year FEELS DIFFERENT.

-I have no school responsibilities to interfere with my writing time

-I don’t have a job that works me late like years previous

-My travelling will be low this year

-I’ve got more practice at a daily writing habit than ever before.

All these factors make me feel very confident. For the rest of November, I’ll be posting word count updates on the blog, though sometimes it will just be a note at the end if the post for that day is non-NaNoWriMo related.

If you want to add me as a writing buddy on the site, shoot over a comment or email with your information and we can trade names. I’ll be on it at least once a day during the month of November to update word counts. Good luck to everyone and happy writing!

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